PhysioLink | Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Professionals has been designed to help you connect with Sports Performance and Rehabilitation professionals. The practices on the Physiolink site all work with sportspeople on a daily basis, from the social athlete to sportspeople competing at the highest level. They are dedicated, up to date, involved and are committed to what is known as "Evidence Based Practice." has grown to include the disciplines of: Biokinetics Dietetics/ Sports Nutrition Podiatry Psychology/ Mental Conditioning Sports Medicine Practitioners Sports Physiology Sports Massage

Holroyd & Goodenough Physio Hillcrest

We provide a Physiotherapy and Sports Massage service with a special interest in Sports Injuries, Neck & Back Conditions and Postoperative Orthopaedic Rehabilitation. We work closely with a team of Biokineticists to ensure all patients receive optimal multi-disciplinary treatment and rehabilitation. Patients receive effective �hands on� treatment within an enjoyable and dynamic environment. Physiotherapists: Brent Grimsley, Amy de Waal and Brendon Goodenough.

Tel: 031 7642918 Fax: 031 7642948 Email: Address: Emberton Driving Range, 90 Ashley Drive, Gillitts

Justin Bircher & Associates, Registered Biokineticists, Hillcrest

Justin Bircher and his associates have been treating the Kloof/ Hillcrest community for the last 9 years. We work closely with the team of Physio�s from Holroyd & Goodenough and we have a particular interest in Sports Injuries, Orthopaedic rehabilitation and Sports Specific Conditioning.

Tel : 031-7642918
Fax : 031- 7642948
Address: Emberton Driving Range, 90 Ashley Drive, Gillitts

Keri Strachan, Registered Dietitian

My main interest is sports nutrition, but I also work with diet in managing lifestyle diseases (high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, overweight) and in guiding people towards healthy eating habits that are sustainable for life. I enjoy working with all age groups including young children. I work with each client as an individual, tailoring their eating plan to suit their daily lives and working with them to ensure they can maintain their new habits on their own. For athletes I can assist in the appropriate use of supplements and in developing race-day strategies, carbo-loading plans and recovery strategies.

Tel: 082 4486696
Fax: 0866808032
Address: 29 Surprise Ridge Rd, Hillcrest Park, 3610

Holroyd & Goodenough Physio La Lucia

Holroyd & Goodenough Physio has been treating the La Lucia community for the past 15 years. We have a special interest in Sports Injuries and Orthopaedic Conditions including Swimmers' Shoulder, Runners' Knee, Tennis Elbow, Sprains, Muscle Tears and Strains, Back and Neck Ache, Whiplash, and Post Surgical Treatment and Rehabilitation. We offer Physiotherapy treatment and Sports Massage and work closely with, Bircher & Halgreen Biokineticists and The Pilates Studio who are on site. Physiotherapists: Jeanette Brunton, Debbie Lutz, Ashleigh White, Jason Hiemstra and Brendon Goodenough

Tel. 031 5629064
Fax. 031 5629035
Address: 56 Armstrong Ave La Lucia.

The Pilates Studio, La Lucia

The Pilates Studio is situated at Holroyd and Goodenough Physio La Lucia. Our aim is to provide classes where a client can safely exercise under the guidance of a medical professional (physiotherapist/biokineticist). All our classes are small (maximum of 6) and are based on Pilates principles to improve muscle balance, flexibility, co-ordination, strength and endurance. We offer general classes (back/neck problems, sports injuries, general fitness etc.), antenatal and postnatal classes and post spinal surgery classes.

Tel: 031-562 9064
Fax: 031-562 9035
Address: 56 Armstrong Avenue La Lucia.

Bircher & Halgreen Biokineticists, La Lucia

We work closely with the team of Physio�s from Holroyd & Goodenough to ensure patients receive optimal multi-disciplinary treatment. We also have a particular interest in Sports Injuries, Orthopaedic rehabilitation and Sports Specific Conditioning.

Tel : 031 5629064
Fax : 031 7642948
Address: 56 Armstrong Avenue, La Lucia

Centre for Sports Medicine Umhlanga

A multi disciplinary Sports Medical centre based in the new Netcare Umhlanga Hospital Medical Centre. This world class facility incorporates many disciplines who work closely to provide an integrated approach to patient care.Sports Medicine Practitioners � Dr Craig Roberts, Dr Mike Marshall and
Sports Physiologist � Dr Bruce Biccard
Orthopaedic Surgeon � Dr Andrew de Vlieg
Physiotherapists � Holroyd and Goodenough Physio, Wayne Holroyd, Tarryn Graham, Preshantha Pillay
Biokineticists � Jackson and Wright Biokinetics, Dennis Jackson, Jimmy Wright, Lynette Savides
Podiatrist � Nelfrie Kemp
Dietician � Keri Strachan
Counselling Psychologist � Alison Rielly
Executive Coach � Tim Goodenough

Telephone: 031-5605557 or 031-5605558
Fax: 031-5825568
Address: Suite 607, Umhlanga Hospital Medical Centre, 319 Umhlanga Rocks Drive, 4320

Holroyd & Goodenough Physio Umhlanga

Our practice has been based in Umhlanga Centre for the past 9 years. We have a special interest in Back & Neck pain, Headaches, joint and muscle pain, Delayed milestones, Chest conditions, Post-Surgical Orthopaedic conditions and rehabilitation of sports injuries. We offer Physiotherapy Treatment and Sports Massage, and provide an in patient Physiotherapy service for patients at Umhlanga Hospital. Home Visits are offered for patients unable to come in to our practice. Physiotherapists: Jean Minogue, Taryn Arentsen, Preshantha Pillay and Lisa Collett.

Tel: 031 561 6411
Fax: 031 561 6411
Address: Suite 7 Umhlanga Centre, 189 Ridge Road, Umhlanga Rocks, 4319

The Sharks Academy Medical Centre

Adjoining the Kingspark Virgin Active, what used to be the Sharks Medical Centre is now a center of rugby excellence, providing medical care to the Sharks� rugby academy as well as to the public. Our multidisciplinary team consists of biokineticists Jimmy Wright, Tracey Calverley, Stephanie Donaldson and Tiffany Hughes, physiotherapists Wayne Holroyd and Jason Hiemstra, and sports physician Dr Glen Hagemann. In addition to rugby related injuries, we also manage a wide spectrum of sports injuries, chronic and acute back pain, joint and muscle pain and dysfunction, and post operative rehabilitation.

Tel: 031 312 7506
Fax: 031 312 5509
Address: Kings Park Virgin Active

Michael Denton Physiotherapy

This physiotherapy practise specialises in the treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries. We also do orthopaedic assessments and treatments of the spine and joints and pre-habilitation and testing of all sports people. This is also the physiotherapy practise to Inland Cricket, Inland Hockey, the Dusi Canoe Marathon, Maritzburg College and Hilton Harriers Running Club.

Tel: 033 3431476
Fax: 033 3431756
Cell: 082 499 4047
Address: Shop 14, Suite 68, Jacaranda Centre, Hilton Avenue, Hilton 3200

Deane Macquet Physiotherapy

Deane Macquet has been practicing in Ballito for the past ten years. He is currently the Sharks Rugby team physiotherapist specializing in sports injuries and rehabilitation. He has four physiotherapists working at his practice in Ballito who are well focused in dealing with sports injuries, orthopedic rehabilitation, back, neck and joint pain, muscle strains, sinusitis and headaches. Their names are; Stella Schroder, Letitia Celliers, Lauren Harvey and Annare Schoeman.

Tel/Fax: 032 946 1573
Address: Suite 6, Level 1, The Well, Cnr Kirsty Way and Albertinia Road, Ballito